Texas Association of Goodwills
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Goodwill has been training people to go to work for 100 years! While individual programs and services vary by location, many of these vocational services are available in your community:

Assessment: Matching people's skills, talents, aptitudes and abilities are essential for determining appropriate training options and preparation for career development. Goodwill's professional staffs offer an array of testing and counseling services to help people identify their strengths and develop a plan to succeed in their chosen profession.

Skills Training: Currently there is a skilled labor shortage across America. Goodwill offers an array of skills training opportunities, often in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations, schools and community colleges to ensure comprehensive skill development and training which meets current industry demand and standards. Programs vary in every community but may include office and computer skills, banking, technology training, electronic assembly, retail, and custodial skills training.

Job Readiness Training: Some people have been out of the workforce for a long time, or perhaps, this is a career change or their first opportunity to become a part of the workforce. Most Goodwills offer job readiness training, which emphasizes "soft skills" required for success on the job. These skills include interviewing, problem solving, time management, work etiquette, interpersonal skills and basic job retention skills.

Job Placement: Goodwill offers an array of placement services including resources for finding employment, interviewing classes, resume preparation and job search support groups. Some Goodwills also have a "member for life" program that allows the job seeker and employer to utilize these services for an unlimited period of time. Goodwill is dedicated to matching people with the right skills to the right job, thus, making it a pivotal support system to both job seekers and employers.

Job Retention: Corporations know the cost of employee turnover. People who lose their jobs know the psychological and financial turmoil that follows. Goodwill is dedicated to helping people find the right jobs, and most Goodwills offer long-term follow-up, mentoring, job coaching and counseling services to ensure job retention. Goodwill also focuses upon career advancement; to help the employee and employer both derive the most benefit.

Support Services: Employability is often dependent upon reliable transportation, childcare, affordable housing and a stable home life. In collaboration with other local community organizations, Goodwill offers support services to ensure the success of every person. Counseling, literacy training, ESL classes etc. are a part of the "whatever it takes to be successful" philosophy which is incorporated into the support services network.